It’s important to know if you’re at higher risk of COVID-19 making you very sick, ending up in hospital or even dying – so you can take action if you test positive. Having high-risk factors can cause your mild COVID-19 symptoms to quickly become severe.3

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Advanced age can put you at increased risk of getting very sick from COVID-19.
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Some conditions or medications may affect your immune system and may put you at an increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

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See the full list of people at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 here or speak to your pharmacist, GP or hauora provider.

Quiz algorithm based on New Zealand Government information 2023. The information provided on this website is intended to be used as a guide only and does not replace the advice provided by your healthcare professional. 

References: 1. Pharmac. Pharmac widens access criteria for COVID-19 antiviral treatment. Available at (Accessed October 2023). 2. Pharmac. Pharmac simplifies criteria for COVID-19 antiviral treatments. Available at: (Accessed October 2023) 3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Clinical care quick reference for COVID-19. Available at: October 2023). 

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